1. Do you offer custom laser engraving for IULIA Desk Organizers?

Yes, we do! For customized option please visit “Personalized Products” section. We offer laser engraving for pen holders, phone holders, and business card holders. For a variety of custom options for all goods in bulk and for corporate orders, please contact us: iulia@iulia.com.tr

  1. What is the finish used on IULIA desk organizers and accessories?

We like natural and toxic free. The Beechwood products are unvarnished, natural wood. Black desk organizers are painted black with lead-free paint. All other products are coated with lead-free, transparent varnish.

  1. What kind of woods do you use in IULIA desk organizers and desk accessories?

We use Beechwood and mostly we use Valchromat, which is engineered, colored wood.

  1. Why, is Valchromat a unique material?

Valchromat is an innovative, award-winning material that combines the natural features of wood with the brightness of colors. On the surface, small wood fibers are visible, fibers which did not absorb the organic dyes. This peculiarity gives Valchromat its unique and natural look. Also, Valchromat is a non-toxic, moisture-resistant material. Valchromat’s quality material allows clean details in the product.

  1. How and where are Iulia Desk Organizers and accessories Products made?

Our products are manufactured in our workshop in Turkey. Products are designed by our team.

  1. Are Iulia Desk Organizers and accessories handmade?

Those products are not completely handmade. We use CNC (computer numeric control) technology and other machines in the process. However, the products are sanded and varnished by hand.